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Kim Hot

Today, raven-haired hottie Kim Hot makes her Wet and Pissy debut, trying to work while sitting in the office in skintight red slacks and a zip-up waistcoat. She can't seem to focus, and it's obvious that this cutie needs some fun because she's chasing her pen up and down her cleavage! Before she sits on the edge of her desk and begins peeing her trousers, Kim unzips her top and plays with her tits! This sultry babe sags her crotch by bending over and flashing her dripping wet stream, which cascades down the leg of her pants and lands on the floor! Kim takes down her underwear and runs her fingers over her swollen pussy before dripping more of her golden juice into a glass! She starts looking for her hidden dildo after spitting part of the fluids back out of her mouth! This stunning newcomer rides a rainbow dildo on her chair and takes another urinal break. After enjoying some pleasure with her own piss in her mouth this time, Kim proceeds to penetrate her pussy with her large sex toy!

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