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I Can't Wait

Morgan and Barbe have mutual understanding. They take pleasure in infusing their shared experiences with subtlety. Morgan approaches Barbe with grace and dignity, taking her time. Barbe is at Morgan's whim, allowing him to chill her down before warming her up with her fucking shit. Morgan is the amiable provocateur who takes off Barbe's shorts to get straight to the point. Barbe picks her time, and before long, Morgan's creations tempt her to urinate as well. With Morgan seated, it's Barbe's turn to take the lead. With brash abandon, Morgan places her foot on the arm rest, providing Barbe with an ideal chance to grasp a large cup underneath. The females like sharing a quick kiss. More sulking ensues, with Morgan lying beneath Barbe while she is sulked from above. They then piss into some wineglasses after grabbing a golden shaft. The girls toast to their friendship and put their arms around each other as they close.

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