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Vanessa Jordin

Brunette cutie Vanessa enjoys engaging in self-play. She applies oil to her nipples and the smooth surface of her flawless breasts while perched on the tub's edge. She allows it to trickle between her legs and down her tummy until it tickles her tight snatch. Turned on, Vanessa begins massaging her taut cameltoe pussy. She urinates into a spray bottle because she is too desperate to contain her urinate any longer. She squirts her own warm urine all over her body because she still feels a little unclean, then licks her fingers. She gets her favorite device and begins pumping her eager pussy, proving that the show is still far from over. Playing with toys and pissing is only setting the stage for what's to come. To her astonishment, a lustful man shows up. When Vanessa is attracted to someone, she joyfully shoves his cock inside her mouth as if there were no tomorrow. After making some delicious pornographic love, she finishes him off with a cum and piss cocktail.

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