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The Desperation

Gabriela, a gorgeous blonde, is itching to urinate. She feels the little dribbles of urine attempting to escape from between her legs and the full expansion of her bladder. She is shocked to discover that the pressure within is arousing her in a way she has never experienced before, at least not in this way. All she has to do is wait a little while longer. Gabriela knows that misbehaving females face consequences, even though Mistress Charlotte hasn't granted her permission to urinate just yet. Her desperation is increasing every second since she has been holding back the river of pee for so long and drinking so much water. She finally reaches her breaking point. Gabriela, still in her schoolgirl costume, sits in a transparent plastic chair and feels a warm fluid gush between her legs that pukes in the chair and overflows onto the floor. She is so relieved and content that she isn't even concerned about the potential consequences of the punishment. She has no idea that Charlotte has been waiting for this very moment. Now that her tiny plaything has finally carried out her evil deed, Charlotte is eager for the games to start. She gets really excited just thinking about what's about to happen and loves to be in charge. Charlotte calls her obedient partner into the room and begins a lengthy session of golden wet fucking with her three pals, making sure to satiate every single one of her wishes.

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