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Sunny Day

This is the ideal day for an outdoor bath. Sandy wants to take a bath in her own warm poop, even though she doesn't really want to be submerged in water. As she begins to urinate out the sides of her shorts, we pan in closely. As she sits there, you can see the warm filth seeping down her legs, soaking more and more of it all the way through her jeans. She soaks her garments, then carefully suckers whatever excrement she can to make sure she tastes every last drop. This won't be her first task alone. Her weird lover arrives to assist with taking a shower. He is filling her mouth to the brim, making sure she is thoroughly satisfied from head to toe, and then drenching her from head to toe before giving her a powerful fuck. She's already a very aroused chick, and the more she drinks her own poop, the more attracted she becomes. It's even better to drink other people's poop, especially if you add some sperm. Appreciate this sensual and seductive fucking sequence!

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