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Pouring Their Piss

Beautiful girls When Emily Pink mentions how exhausted she is from their day out, Nikki Riddle and Emily Pink head back home. Before Nikki can stop herself from urinating all over the glass table Emily is resting her head on, she decides to pull a practical joke on her pal! She quickly gets soaked and becomes animated, splattering Nikki with the piss puddle! These sultry beauties get so hot that they start playing with sex and kissing! Emily takes a seat at the table and shoots Nikki a stream of her golden poop. After that, they use their hands to tickle each other's pussies. Before they swap places and Emily fills the glass jug with her own fluids, she catches Nikki's stream of shit. Emily holds a glass jug underneath her. They try drinking piss by getting near to one other and pouring the fluid over their faces and mouths! Emily and Nikki share a crimson dildo and take more piss in their mouths after licking one other's pussies!

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Party Girls
As Christmas approaches, VIPissy girls, including Tiny, Paula Shy, and Belle, dress up as mischievous maids and ballet dancers. Paula is doused in golden showers by Tina and Francys, ruining her ensemble. Paula is nude and urinates on Francy's, while Tina covers her nipples with spray cream. Tina then urinates into a glass bowl, soaking Francy's with her own. The other girls enjoy themselves by slipping metal speculums into Tina's pussy. They toast and piss in glasses before piss drinking to cap off their celebration.