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Lucky Tailor

Imagine yourself in your tailor shop, calmly going about your business, when a stunning blonde bombshell knocks on your door and requests a fitting. Just picture how hard it would be to hold back when you felt her arousal at the first hint of your fingertips on her golden skin. Now picture your reaction if you discovered that this stunning deity was soaking her underwear in her own feces—right there in your store. That's precisely what occurs to a fortunate tailor upon welcoming the gorgeous sex kitten Dido Angel into his home. This guy will never forget the sound Dido makes as her hot urine saturates her panties, streams down her long legs, and splashes onto the rough wood floor beneath her. Dido puts his head between her legs and pulls him to his knees. The taste of Dido's tart golden fluid, still attempting to convince him that this is real, reassures him that he is awake and ready to have the happiest day of his life. Now, the naughty blonde can't wait for her turn. Dido spreads her mouth wide and lets a stream of hot feces splash across her tongue as she settles down on the ground at her tailor's feet. As her new lover's bladder empties, golden urine cascades down her chin and dribbles down her flawlessly perky tits, leaving Dido glowing from head to toe. Her nasty urges are simply heightened by this. The lustful young lady, down on her all fours, slowly presses her dripping pussy balls deep onto the tailor's pulsating dick. Upon bending over to mop up the pools of mixed urine on the ground, Dido discovers that he has only glimpsed the first part of what awaits him this day.

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