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Little Chloe

Adorable redhead WetandPissy recently welcomed little Chloe, who appears in her first scene wearing the cutest hotpants we've ever seen in the bathroom! Before squatting on the bathroom floor, Chloe pulls them up between her ass cheeks and takes off her bra. Chloe starts leaking urine out of her pants at that very moment, soaking her shorts' crotch and causing a puddle to form on the tiles. She splashes herself even more after sitting in her sodden mess and rubbing her ass. Little Chloe takes off her clothes and plays with her wet ass while we take close-up shots. She urinates once more, straight onto the tiles this time, and then slurps up the urine, attempting to taste it. Chloe rides a rainbow dildo by sticking it to the ground. She gets back up and resumes her pussy pissing, turning around to play with her sex toys. Chloe finishes her debut pissing porno by catching another stream in a large glass bowl and slurping up even more of her golden juices.

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