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Vanessa Hell

This week on Wet and Pissy, Vanessa Hell makes a comeback. The gorgeous blonde teases in a crop top and hotpants. This blonde wants to have some fun, and her puffed pussy appears really tempting with her cameltoe showing through her shorts. Vanessa approaches the dining table, tucking her hotpants between her swollen lips, when all of a sudden a dark patch forms on her crotch and golden poop begins to spill over the edge and onto the table! This naughty girl pulls off her hotpants to put them in her mouth after licking and rubbing her crotch with her hands. Reaching over the dining table, Vanessa reaches out and touches her pussy. She fills a huge cup with another stream of her very yellow urine and splatters her juice all over her tits. Vanessa gets a taste of the urine before spitting it back out over her heated body while she is pouring it into her mouth. After getting wet, she chooses to play with a silver vibrator as a toy for herself. While continuing playing with herself, Vanessa manages to urinate and causes quite a mess when her streams fly across the dining table! In this obscene porn movie, the hottie had an orgasm and decides to give herself a last golden shower before getting drenched from head to toe!

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