Anita Blanche, a gorgeous blonde, enters the lounge prepared for some alone time. She is wearing sheer robes and white underwear. She spreads her hands all over herself, feeling very seductive in her clothes, and then decides she has to urinate. She grabs a huge glass goblet and, with her hands still gripping the dining table, she squats to urinate directly into it. Anita takes it up and uses her fingers to twirl her golden fluids around, dripping over her body and being pissed on her tits before sloshing the remainder over her tongue and cleavage. This filthy minx begins to undress and rubs her enormous pussy lips with the pearls from her panties without crotch. Next, she inserts pink love eggs into her pussy. Anita begins splattering and splashing in her stream of pussy piss all over the glass dining table. She gets up to finger her sultry pussy and adjusts to make herself more comfortable before desperately fingering herself until she had an orgasm! We pan in close on the action in this wet and pissy video as one more stream of piss gushes out of her and this wicked blonde catches it again in the goblet.

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Jessica Bell
Jessica Bell returns to Wet and Pissy, where she engages in a scene of self-indulgence and masturbation. She urinates in her trousers, causing golden pee to flow through her legs. She cleans up the floor with her pants, tastes her juices, and rubs her hot body with them. She then jumps up and down on the washing machine, licking her fingers and engaging in self-indulgence. She uses a dildo to fill her pussy, urinates again, and squirts while her pussy is full.