Cynthia Vellons and Victoria Pure, who are excited for summer, are our guests today on VIPissy. They recently got back after a night out. As these sexy women begin to strip, they start kissing in the hallway and make their way into the lounge. Cynthia leans back on the coffee table, getting a messy golden rain all over her crop top and hotpants while Victoria undies and stands above her. Victoria helps her take off her top as the fabric becomes transparent, and then she squirts her juice all over them. Cynthia offers Victoria some pee-in-mouth action while both girls are naked, reaching down to her tits and completely submerging her. Victoria kneels before Cynthia and urinates into her mouth and on her large fake tits as these shit-drinking lesbians carry on! These carefree females complete this HD pissing porno by using their fingers to cause each other to orgasm! With some pussy licking and grinding thrown in for good measure!

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Piss Dedication
In the latest update on VIPissy, Cynthia Vellons and Claudia engage in personal activities while trying on knickers in the lounge. Claudia puts on black lace panties for Cynthia and exchanges them for peach cotton ones. Cynthia starts peeing in her pants, and Claudia catches her streams and splashes them all over her body. After Cynthia removes her wet panties, they lick and suck the liquid from the fabric before Claudia pulls her pants to one side.