For her first appearance on Wet and Pissy, the stunning blonde Stacy Saint is dressed in a sheer pink gown that hardly reveals her flawless figure. She slightly opens it, teases her tits, turns herself aroused, and cups them before reaching down into her panties to touch her puffed pussy. Stacy leans over the bed, her ass in the air, and as she begins to urinate and release her golden fluids onto the bed, a wet patch emerges on her underwear. She plays in her puddle of urine and sucks the bedsheets after touching and licking her moist crotch. It's the first time that stunning blonde Stacy Saint appears on Wet and Pissy. This lustful blonde is lying back on the bed, tickle her pussy with her fingers, and then, as she sits on the headboard, she uses a metal speculum to gape her pussy open. She pisses again, this time over her pillows with her forceful pee stream while her pussy is spread wide. The gorgeous blonde beauty then uses a glass vase as a sex toy, rubbing it against her shaved pussy and sliding it inside of her. She catches another stream of piss in the vase while holding her pussy between her She removes her robe, lies down, and plays with her pussy again before turning back to her fingers for self-gratification. At last, she sets a larger vase on the ground and proceeds to indulge herself while perched on the bed's edge. This sexy babe, desperate for an orgasm, feverishly fingers herself and urinates into the vase. After giving herself a final golden shower, Stacy gives herself a taste of piss drinking by pouring her secretions into her mouth, swallowing part of them, then playfully spitting the rest back out!

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Leidy De Leon
Leidy De Leon, a crimson babydoll, is seen in a lounge setting, revealing her large tits and flashing her scarlet underwear. She urinates, soaking her underwear and the ground, and squats down on tiles, licking her pussy. Her piss puddle makes the floor shiny. Leidy enjoys a glass dildo and a crystal vase, pouring her juices into her mouth and dribbling her bodily fluids all over her front. Her wet mess makes the floor look sparkly. Leidy's behavior is a testament to her love for sex and her ability to create a beautiful and evocative scene.