Today on Wet and Pissy, the hottie with tattoos Roxy Lips makes her debut. In her first scene, she teases wearing cropped tops and tight denim hotpants. Without any delay, Roxy lowers her top to showcase her pierced nipples, and this exotic beauty approaches the camera at a leisurely pace while stooping over a wooden coffee table. After touching her crotch, Roxy has the urge to urinate while standing up. She starts urinating her pants and lets the stream fall onto the table below. Roxy bounces up and down in her piss puddle while playfully sitting down, and she gradually takes off her hotpants. Today, the gorgeous Roxy Lips, who has tattoos, makes her debut on Wet and Pissy and in her She licks her crotch, slouches down to lick her fingers clean, and then masturbate and finger her pussy. Once more, this gorgeous Russian urinates on a table, using her crop top to wipe up her golden secretions. She bends over to continue her pussy play after sucking and licking her top. When Roxy senses that she is about to urinate again, she begins to pour her fluids into a glass vase that contains a sex toy. She uses the pink dildo to play with herself after dipping it into her urinal and

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Jenifer Jane
Jenifer Jane joins us for another Wet and Pissy scene, where she wets her beige shorts and runs her hands over her crotch, causing the cloth to become transparent. She wakes up, cleans her fingers, and resumes rubbing her shorts. She then pisses down onto the coffee table, soaking her tank top. She uses her golden nectar and a glass vase as a sex toy, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She then switches to a blue erotica and stoops down to penetrate her own body on the coffee table.