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Megi Blows

Adorable blonde Megi, still wearing her clothes, gets a shower head and begins to wet her entire body with her tongue pierced and her lovely bra and panties on. Megi can no longer contain her urination as she hears the water rushing. With a magnificent sound, the enormous stream shoots forth as she releases herself. When she's finished, she starts to strip in the bathtub while taunting us with her firm, tiny breasts and hard, raised nipples. She spreads her pussy lips apart to display her pink, wet center once she is fully nude. She dons safety goggles as her partner joins her in the tub. We can only speculate as to where this will go next. Megi spreads her wings and lets her lover spit all over her face and tongue. She says it tastes so wonderful and is so warm. After he empties his bladder, she removes her glasses and finishes licking his dick, making sure to suck him dry before taking a load off her face and chest.

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