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Emma Brown

Little Miss Emma Brown tries her hardest, but she can't seem to capture her boyfriend's attention. Emma gives up and sits down, but she doesn't give up. She still believes that with a little creativity, she can achieve her goals. Thoughts come to Emma far more quickly than deeds, and she gives it her best until she can finally let her guard down. At first, he's unsure about how to interpret the scenario, but Emma's sly smile has won him over. She spits a good deal of poop from her boyfriend onto her tongue, hair, face, and entire body. As he finishes, she paws at him, longing for another chance for her. She takes multitasking to a whole new level by suckling his cock and taking a piss at the same time. She has trouble, but eventually she manages to have a lovely lone poop. She wants her partner to stand back and observe her as she urinates all over her leg.

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Angel Wicky and Lady Dee enter a room, urinating on Angel's tank top and sucking her own secretions. They kiss and suck more of Lady Dee's golden poop, then cover themselves with bodily fluids and bathe each other. Angel uses her fingers to tear Lady Dee's lips apart while licking her. They share a purple vibrator, with Angel using it first for golden showers. Lady Dee eagerly anticipates more pussy play, and they suck each other before completing the watersports action with piss in a glass bowl and juice.