Laura is taking advantage of the summer weather and looking quite cute in denim hotpants as she sits in an empty paddling pool in the backyard. Before long, we discovered that Laura had soiled her hotpants and her crotch was dripping with steaming urine. This girl, who adores piss play, stood up for us, undressed, and pissed some more so we could get some amazing close-ups! She spits out enormous jets of feces, consumes them, and drenches herself in them before fucking a pink dildo. Seemingly content, she sat in a pool of her own excrement.

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Isabel Dark
Isabel Dark, a naughty and piss-loving girl, makes her Wet and Pissy debut wearing a boyshort and tight top. She climbs a glass table, squeezing her urine and using a purple plastic speculum. She then removes her shirt and covers her mouth. She sets a blue bowl on the sideboard, pees into it through a funnel, and then pours the contents over her nude body. She toys her pee-soaked pussy with a purple textured sex toy. She then sucks the contents into her sock-covered feet, resulting in a lustful experience.