Miky, you're doing great! Today on Wet and Pissy, we have the lovely newcomer Miky, who looks amazing in a short playsuit and knee-high stockings! She is posing on a foot stool, her legs seeming to go on forever. She grabs a huge cocktail glass and fills it with her own pee while urinating through her crotch and setting it on the ground. She raises it and takes a sip, then pours it all over her tits and into her mouth! She takes off her playsuit and enjoys even more of her golden urine while sucking her crotch. Miky stooping down, she catches another stream of pee in her glass and dips her toes—which are covered in socks—into it. She lets her feet get soggy with pee and raises them to lick her toes! Miky likes to use a purple sex toy inside her pussy and bend over doggystyle, emptying the contents of the glass all over her nude body before pissing all over it. This naughty brunette is finally enjoying pissing on the ground before plunging into her puddle and getting totally saturated!

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Isabel Dark
Isabel Dark, a naughty and piss-loving girl, makes her Wet and Pissy debut wearing a boyshort and tight top. She climbs a glass table, squeezing her urine and using a purple plastic speculum. She then removes her shirt and covers her mouth. She sets a blue bowl on the sideboard, pees into it through a funnel, and then pours the contents over her nude body. She toys her pee-soaked pussy with a purple textured sex toy. She then sucks the contents into her sock-covered feet, resulting in a lustful experience.
Jessica Bell
Jessica Bell returns to Wet and Pissy, where she engages in a scene of self-indulgence and masturbation. She urinates in her trousers, causing golden pee to flow through her legs. She cleans up the floor with her pants, tastes her juices, and rubs her hot body with them. She then jumps up and down on the washing machine, licking her fingers and engaging in self-indulgence. She uses a dildo to fill her pussy, urinates again, and squirts while her pussy is full.