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Electric Dreams

See-through leggings and panties are excellent choices. The first thing Marley and Vinna do is piss through them. Vinna pulls her feet toward her face and tucks her legs in towards her torso while lying on the bed. A perfectly formed stream shoots toward her face in the shape of a fountain. Slurping up from Vinna's feces fountain, Marley tilts her head to allow some to splatter upon Vinna's face. Vinna rips Marley's pantyhose where it counts when necessary. Marley is once more prepared to urinate following some pumping activity from Vinna. It's not the longest-lasting, but it's a clear, well-kept stream that drops a good distance. For best effect, you must listen to Marley's fascinating sounds of relief and desire. Once again, Vinna has the longest urinal session. She is lying on the bed, but this time, one leg is flat on the bed and the other is lunging towards her torso. We witness Vinna grinning as Marley looks directly at her while she nets more poop into her mouth while prying open her pussy. The girls proceed to a vibrating toy with remarkable outcomes. Marley finally lets out some relaxed breaths as his cries transform into yelps. Though Vinna's sounds are considerably more subdued, we do get a good enough glimpse of her before she eventually passes out and collapses onto the bed.

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