Favorite member Vinna Reed is back on Wet and Pissy, lying on the sauna floor while wearing heels and a leopard print bodysuit. This brunette knows she's hot and avoids looking sexy! Before crawling over to a chair and shaking her ass in the direction of the camera, she kneels up and flaunts her flawless ass. Vinna gets to her feet and spanks her ass, revealing just how little of her pussy is hidden by her bodysuit. She spreads her hands all over her body, revealing her tits as she slides her bodysuit down and then back up between her swollen lips. She moves it to one side, feels her crotch, then undoes her bodysuit and stoops to carry on with her fingering and pussy play! When gorgeous Vinna feels the sudden urge to urinate, she grabs a glass vase and holds it beneath her as she begins to urinate into it. She drenches herself in it, squeezing her fluids and smearing them all over her body as she peels off. As she lies on her back in the chair, a lustful Vinna teases her pussy with a black dildo and stops to urinate all over herself! She orgasms with her sex toy while sitting up, then urinates all over the floor. Vinna reaches into the drawer for a drawer full of clean clothing, spreads them out on the floor, and proceeds to urinate while standing, dousing them in her golden nectar. She ends her most recent wet porn scene with us after changing into the damp clothes!

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Jenifer Jane
Jenifer Jane joins us for another Wet and Pissy scene, where she wets her beige shorts and runs her hands over her crotch, causing the cloth to become transparent. She wakes up, cleans her fingers, and resumes rubbing her shorts. She then pisses down onto the coffee table, soaking her tank top. She uses her golden nectar and a glass vase as a sex toy, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She then switches to a blue erotica and stoops down to penetrate her own body on the coffee table.