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Anna Yade

Another new face on Wet and Pissy is redhead hottie Anna Yade. This French filly realizes she needs to urinate after waking up from a siesta. This naughty girl squats on the ground and is seen dripping wet underwear as golden pisses runs down her ass cheeks and onto the ground, soaking the crotch of her pink hotpants! After taking a seat in her puddle, Anna leans over and grabs her ass cheeks to display her dripping shorts. After taking them off and sucking on the damp material, Anna is so horny that she returns to the couch and fingers her pussy! Redhead hottie Anna Yade is another new face here on Wet and Pissy and Anna pauses to stand and urinates all over the floor once more, and then she drenches herself head to toe in her own secretions. When she's fully nude, this attractive redhead plays with a golden vibrator before writhing around in her soggy mess on the ground. She soaks it some more. In her first pissing porn scene, Anna makes a big impact while orgasming with her sex toy!

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