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Christy Charming, a member favorite, returns for a recent obscene scene. She is seen lounging on a chaise longue, exposing her knickers and rubbing her nipples. She then sucks her fingers and discovers a small aqua sex toy. She then urinates and uses a dildo to capture urine in a glass goblet. She then masturbates before having an intense orgasm. Christy Charming is one of our most attractive and sultry pornstars, making her a must-see for any pornstar.
Abigail, a new user of Wet and Pissy, teases her ass on the couch while wearing a floral dress. She demonstrates she is not wearing underwear and begins to urinate on the couch. She then inserts a dildo inside herself and urinates into a glass jug. She pours the remaining golden nectar over her head and body before giving herself a golden shower. Abigail's debut pissing porn scene features her riding her dildo on the floor and masurbating until she orgasms and urinates again.