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After A Trip

Olivia and Lexi just returned from the airport. Being at home again and away from the busy throng excites them. While the ladies had a great time on their trip, they missed out on some of their favorite activities because of the lengthy drive home. Before the girls had warmed up their seats and parked their bags, they start fun kissing each other's legs. Pulling her underwear down and licking her pussy, Lexi gives Olivia the first dibs. Olivia only needs to give Lexi a friendly touch on the couch to know what she wants. Before the shit starts, she settles down on the back of the couch to give Lexi a little more time to work on her. Not wanting the good times to end, Lexi reaches for a huge goblet. The girls aim their streams downward into the glass, crisscrossing them while they perch atop the couch. After that, the females drink and spit out their combined pool, then pour it over their hair. Olivia lays the goblet beneath the peak that has formed between them while Lexi urinates once more, spreading her legs wide. After spitting on each other from above for a while, Lexi tells Olivia that she needs to go again. With her legs tucked in and her feet pointed upwards, Lexi counts down to a gigantic poop that lands on Olivia's face and shoots high into the air.

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