Mona Lee had an incredible premiere for Wet and Pissy, leaving a lasting impact. In her nearly nonexistent jean skirt and black pantyhose, she looks amazing. One of the most erotic opening pees ever occurs after she takes down her skirt and partially undocks. Trying to pee into a little pitcher she sits on her strained pantyhose. She brings her knees close together, spreads her feet apart, and tilts her chest forward. She elevates the experience not only because she strikes the ideal stance but also because she's a power pisser. Her stream pours wonderfully from behind her to the carpet when she forgets to get the pitcher. Mona has already established herself as a stunning force of nature after just 4 minutes of screen time. Mona blasts into the air twice in a fantastic opening that sets the stage for even more power peeing. The latter seconds are really intense as well, following an orgasm brought on by a big dildo. She lets out another explosive poop, stopping momentarily to get back up and finish the job.

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Jenifer Jane
Jenifer Jane joins us for another Wet and Pissy scene, where she wets her beige shorts and runs her hands over her crotch, causing the cloth to become transparent. She wakes up, cleans her fingers, and resumes rubbing her shorts. She then pisses down onto the coffee table, soaking her tank top. She uses her golden nectar and a glass vase as a sex toy, giving herself a taste of piss drinking. She then switches to a blue erotica and stoops down to penetrate her own body on the coffee table.