Sweet As Sugar

Vipissy.com July 12th, 2022

Today on VIPissy Lilith Sweet and Eva Brown are relaxing on some chairs when Lilith beckons Eva over and these gorgeous girls line to kiss. She feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets turned on immediately. They fill them both to the top and Eva trickles her own piddle into Lilith's mouth who thirstily laps it up while touching her pussy. They are best friends since school, and now they want to come further... These pissing lesbians move back over to the couch and Eva lays back while masturbating. She puts her tongue inside her pussy and licks her delicately. They enjoy a homosexualist 69 pausing while Lilith stands above Eva and treats her to more piss in mouth action while Eva licks her feline between streams! Eva soaks Lilith in golden bidet as she lays on the upset then they swap streams again as they pee in each others mouths to period this hot lesbian place! Then, Lilith Sweet pisses in a glass until it reaches the top. Eva moves onto Lilith's water and pours it over her, in her mouth and down over her cropped top too! She fingers her pussy until she is completely turned on. Heading back to mutual gib-cat licking, Eva pees in Lilith's mouth too and these pissing pornstars move onto a red dildo which they share, Lilith going first followed by her peeing over Eva's pussy! A sexual intercourse was not an option for these girls, as they wanted something a little more sensual. They take up their outfits and forthwith start pussy pissing into some frozen glasses! Moments later, the girls have locked lips in a long anticipated kiss. They didn't know they were lesbians at first. But the ineluctability is, they really love each other. She licks her pussy with a delicate but strong expertise. Lilith pours pee into Eva's mouth too, making her gag at first! Her girlfriend's nipples are already hard in anticipation of her touch. Cuddling together, the girls caress and kiss one another as they slowly come down from their sexual high.

Featuring: Lilith Sweet and Eva Brown

Categories: Pissing and Lesbians