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Abby Lee, who is truly amazing, embodies numerous attractions all in one. She's got a flawless body, an American English accent, and she's a really skilled pisser. Victoria gets along well with Abby's lively personality and has previously filmed with us. Abby's erect pissing style, which involves spreading her legs and urinating into the air, is one of her greatest qualities. Victoria is caught off surprise the first time, trying to stop the stream with her mouth. As Abby repeats herself, she grows better and better at it, capturing some strong bursts. Victoria also makes an early impression, urinating in two sections while standing over Abby and removing her underwear before letting go. Abby gives Victoria a pee enema after she gives her some shit to the face, hitting Victoria across the face. She concentrates on getting rid of it, which finally makes her urinate strongly backward. The vibe between the two girls is quite seductive. This week, we also have a great BTS montage that shows a day in the life of the cast and crew. This includes an unfeatured solo poop from Abby from the main video. To show how much work and collaboration there is between the girls and the crew, much of the time is spent recording the picture shoot with them. Abby gives an example of how difficult it may be to urinate, even when one truly needs to. We hope you like this exclusive freebie!

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