Gorgeous European women Wearing satin bathrobes, Shrima and Chrissy are kneeling on the floor, sipping tea. This couple decides to change things up abruptly, with Chrissy standing over Chrissy and squirting her golden fluids over Shrima's small tits. Shrima stoop down to nibble on Chrissy's moist ass before taking a gulp of urine. After sharing a passionate kiss, the two get up, and Shrima crouches on top of the coffee table to catch her own poop into a vase. This watersports-loving couple gets even more sexy as Chrissy licks Shrima's pussy as she lavishes herself in the golden goodness! Chrissy spills the last of the remaining urine droplets from the vase into her lips before sharing the warm liquid with Shrima. Before Chrissy spills another stream of poop upon Shrima's fingers, she bends over and lets her be fingered and licked. More golden showers follow, and this couple alternates between sucking their pussies and guzzling urine. This extremely lustful lesbian piss pay scene doesn't require any sex toys—its big conclusion features both ladies lying down and pissing at each other at the same time!

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Getting Wet In The Kitchen
In a recent scene on VIPissy, Jessica Bell and Claudia Macc are seen teasing in kitchens, teasing each other with aprons and knickers. Claudia demonstrates desperation by urinating into a glass jug, spilling the nectar all over Jessica's apron. Jessica assists in undressing, while Claudia showers her. The two hotties then trade places, using kitchen tongs to gape at Claudia's pussy. They share a yellow vibrator and shit over their nude bodies.