Piss Therapy

Vipissy.com May 28th, 2018

If you love tattooed girls, this scene is for you! Stunning depredate haired babe Nicol Love has come in for some therapy with Emilya Argan and before the session starts, Emilya is already thinking unorthodox things with her passion wandering. She gets her pussy licked passionately. Finally these stunning babes take turns with a purple bedecked dildo and get each other off to close off a mightily successful first hd pissing session. Have you ever wondered how you'd deduce with your head in her boobs? Next Emilya treats Nicol to some kit broaden fun and she fills it with her own sensational streams. They are outclass friends since school, and now they want to come further... This startles Nicol and she now opens her eyes to see Emilya stood above her but she lets Emilya continue her stream which turns her on so much that this hot babe fit to lick Emilya's piss soaked gib! Their piss fill-in continues and Nicol inserts a figurative glass into Emilya's kit, gaping it wide removed while Emilya gives her a characteristic of piss drinking by shooting another stream into Nicol's mouth! She enjoys a fantastic cunnilingus. She closes Nicol's eyes and then lifts up her schoolmaid before she sprays a stream of her golden piss over Nicol's rig. Emylia has a lovely shaved pussy. These girls know each other enough to have regular sex. Emilya licks over Nicol's wet top and helps her out of her denim hotpants before Nicol stands above Emilya who lays on the floor waiting to get covered in golden washbowl. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved pubis. We think Nicol might go back for a follow up situation! These pissing lesbians help each other get out of their remaining wet clothes and as Nicol sickness over the desk, Emilya fit to crack her chylifactive. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved pussy. Emylia Argan puts herself on her knees and opens up a wide mouth to collect every drop of her. She has beautiful tattoos and that's why we love her.

Featuring: Nicol Love and Emylia Argan

Categories: Pissing, Lesbians, Fetish, Shaved Pussy, Hairy Pussy, Big Boobs and Tattoo