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Olsen & Malone

Lindsey announces that she has to go potty just as Jessica and Lindsey are getting close. Jessica is all for it, setting up Lindsey's leg so that she can shoot straight into a glass. As a true enthusiast, Lindsey gives Jessica a lot of yeses right away. She's on her knees, getting pissed on her back by Jessica, who then licks and rubs her sweet spot before she urinates again. She stops multiple times, giving Jessica time to gather some in her hands. When Lindsey brings back a rubber dildo for Jessica to give her, her excitement intensifies. She lets the gadget go again, laughing merrily as she squirts a stream of urine directly into Jessica's mouth. Jessica is taken aback, but Lindsey's gentle and lighthearted demeanor quickly draws her back in. Later, Lindsey stands while Jessica lies on a square seat, and the two participate in simultaneous urination. Both girls are laughing so hard that they start kissing the seat. Lindsey is still amused as they finish off with a dual-tip toy and Jessica doing a "in and out" and "stop and go" pattern.

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Christy Charming, a member favorite, returns for a recent obscene scene. She is seen lounging on a chaise longue, exposing her knickers and rubbing her nipples. She then sucks her fingers and discovers a small aqua sex toy. She then urinates and uses a dildo to capture urine in a glass goblet. She then masturbates before having an intense orgasm. Christy Charming is one of our most attractive and sultry pornstars, making her a must-see for any pornstar.