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Mea and Wendy

Mea and Wendy, two stunning brunette buddies, are having a few drinks at home before going out. Mea thinks her drink is quite boring, so she makes a much better cocktail. Mea opens her legs and lets her bladder loose to pour her warm nectar into the martini glass while raising her skirt to expose that she isn't even wearing underwear. Wendy follows right away, and before long the two are enjoying their favorite libation: tart, fresh urine. Mea is obviously not prepared for the fun to end there. She opens her pussy wide to allow Wendy to pour more hot sperm down her lovely fuck hole. Wendy swiftly puts her mouth to the dripping treat, licking the golden droplets off Mea's moist lips and clit, unable to resist a pee-filled snatch. The girls are having too much fun to stop for now, so they quickly forget about their evening plans. When Wendy can no longer contain the flow of warm feces, Mea whips out a big glass dildo and slides it into her tingling twat, fucking it deep until Wendy can empty her bladder directly into a ready cocktail glass. The kinky ladies are definitely not going to let it go to waste. And until they've experienced lots of body-shaking orgasms in addition to their fair share of flavorful urination, neither of them is prepared to stop!

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