The adage "A dog is a man's best friend" is probably familiar to you. That was never more accurate than it is now, though! We have a new breed of dog here at House of Taboo that you will want to take home right away! Danielle Maye, welcome! She even has Krystal Webb, who appears to be from the playboy mansion, as her personal trainer! Your life has improved! And ladies, fear not—Danielle can also be a woman's best friend—as her trainer demonstrates for us, she swings both ways! Danielle has stunning blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful pair of knockers that you will want to suck on nonstop. Just remember not to let your neighbors catch you since, well, she is a dog! Oh, and a goddess's body complete with a cute little shaved peach that is ideal for nibbling all day—but you'd better keep that inside as the animal police could come for you. She likes to urinate in her own water dish, therefore her main current shortcoming is that she needs to be toilet trained. Naturally, Krystal, her trainer, is working on this terrible habit and gets her fucked by a little pink dildo when she acts up. However, Krystal only stays with Danielle for a week, so I suppose you may punish Danielle with your man flesh when she misbehaves after her time is over. Better still, smear Danielle with peanut butter on your balls and make her an irresistible proposition. Dogs really adore peanut butter, after all! Don't worry, we won't reveal! Shhhh!

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