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Loving Hands

Two small girls, Anita, fiery and seductive, and Adele, playfully and cute, drown their bed in a daydream that becomes into reality. Anita, wearing a striking red and black dress, lubricates Adele's back and urinates there. The girls change their orientation, give each other a kiss, and undress. Adele lies on her back and urinates directly into Anita's open mouth, grinning as the urine flows from her mouth and down her chin. Adele extends her tongue as she slurps up Anita's excrement as they switch places. The girls also try out other concepts. Adele pours some pee she just finished gathering into a vase while Anita sticks a funnel-shaped glass into her ass. Anita gives Adele a seductive little dry, or rather wet, humping rub after she urinates on her once more. They fill a vase together and soak their hair with their collective urine. The bed's surface, which was once bright blue, has turned dark blue. Anita gives us a lovely two-part poop after Adele urinates on her pussy. The finest part of this is when she lifts her legs and sprays Adele's torso all the way up to her neck. This is Anita's longest urination to date, and a few moments later Adele spits out a second stream into a vase. The females exchange a few turds from the vase into their mouths four times: Adele to Anita, Anita to Adele, Adele to Anita, and back again to Adele. Adele has one more shot left, and this time the vase is used along with a quick switch and a last shampoo.

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