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Let's Play Pervert

When Amarna arrives in her stilettos, her pal Chelsy is both busy and bored. She offers to play some pervert games with Chelsy because she likes her and wants to lift her spirits. Amanda watches Chelsy quietly sitting in her chair while Amarna makes her move, knowing she has to win her over before anything else. Chelsy suppresses her feelings a little bit, but Amarna gives her the upper hand. After they kiss, Chelsy's first attraction is Amarna's hairy bush. She pushes herself between Amarna's legs and settles in at a reasonable speed. Amarna enjoys playing with poop of any kind, and she gives Chelsy a wonderful first shower from the chair. Amarna wears high heels and enters the room. She is even more excited when Chelsy pisses on her back and pulls up her dress since she likes it so much. After stripping each other naked, the females alternately urinate in each other's mouths. Chelsy leans over the chair, opening her legs, and Amarna is on the receiving end. As their activities become more outrageous, the females urinate into a glass and then a flower pot. Amarna goes so far as to dry hump Chelsy's leg, and the two of them combine into a seductive dual humping.

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