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Leila and Lolly

Leila and Lollypop, two girlfriends, don't get along well. These feisty girls do, however, have a passion for hot urine. Leila, who has a red head, is aware that her pal won't be complaining when she takes off her shorts and exposes her naked legs to a golden stream. In fact, Lolly joins in instead of becoming upset! She takes off her own undergarments and stands with her nude posterior squarely in front of Leila's lips. Leila opens her mouth to taste the surge of nectar as it starts to flow, enjoying the way it slides down her chin and onto her cloth-covered tits. Before taking out a large double-headed dildo, the two alternately lick their urine-soaked pussies. While Leila gives her another golden shower, Lolly eagerly welcomes the fake dick in her tiny little asshole so she can be the first to experience its stiff penetration. Unsurprisingly, Leila will not overlook her own loot. The filthy couple doesn't stop until both females are utterly satisfied, fucked, and covered in golden pee.

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