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Happy Adele

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Spring Clean
Cum eating
VIPissy's first update for 2021 features blonde Cayla Lyons, enjoying a spring clean. She struggles with a desperate need to urinate, causing soggy yoga pants and a damp patch. A man approaches, pissing on her back and causing her to spit in her mouth. Cayla covers him in her own fluids, getting drenched in golden pee. She then gets fucked doggystyle, riding a stud like a reverse cowgirl. Cayla engages in a full-blown masturbation, savouring his sperm while he caresses himself.
Soaked In Streams
Reverse Cow Girl
Julia Parker, a beautiful blonde, takes a rose from a man eager to meet her. She kisses him, then kneels down to get covered in his warm stream of piss. He assists her in taking off her poop-soaked dress, kissing her pussy, and urinating inside her pussy. They continue their golden shower exchange, leaving Julia covered in warm golden honey. She takes a piss in her mouth and gets fucked in various positions before lying down and getting a messy cumshot.