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Gina and Bailey

Gina and Bailey are two really attractive girls who will not be pleased with their lesbian piss porn session unless they get to see poop. They get out some straws and up the ante on their wild lesbian antics. After the two girls give each other kisses and affectionate touches, Gina begins the game by urinating into a big, empty cognac glass. After dipping a straw into Gina's warm nectar-filled glass, the two girls start making jokes with one another. It's Bailey's time now. She launches a delightful jet of golden liquid into a second, smaller glass. She grabs a straw, begins to suck up pee, and then blows it into Gina's urinal. These two hotties keep playing as they fist fuck each other's gorgeous twats and use dildos on each other. They urinate into a glass and raise a toast to their achievements before more urination occurs to close the urination movie.

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