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Dafne, a gorgeous girl with raven hair, is eager to tempt you with her little skirt. She stoops over a transparent table and raises her skirt to expose her black underwear, which she then masturbates through. To really start the party, Dafne soon starts urinating through her crotch onto the ground below and takes off her pants drenched in pee. We're filming below as she demonstrates her incredible physique and shoots another stream of feces onto a glass table while fingering her pussy up close. This sassy teenager works on a dildo, blowjobs and handjobs, then urinates all over it and licks the golden juice off the table. Dafne drives herself into such a fury that she orgasms and squirts high into the air after filling her pussy with the dildo. She takes a glass and finally pours her juices into it, savoring every bite!

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