Launch a skittles game since Loreen and Cayla wish to play a game together. They both figure out a far more entertaining method to play it: try to pee on the pins to knock them down! First to go, Loreen raises her skirt and shoots her poop at the skittle pins. It's Cayla's time next. She undoes her denim hotpants, squats, and urinates several times over the pins. Cayla uses her hands to knock over the pins as none of them are moving! After changing into their underwear and trying this new activity again, the girls roll around in their respective puddles of shit! Before sticking it in Loreen's hole, Cayla teases her pussy, and Loreen loves it so much that she squirts over Cayla! In exchange, she gives Cayla a tight pussy fuck with a skittle while Cayla rubs her clit to bring herself off.

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Pissy Meditation
Mini Mitzi interrupts Linda's trance while she's meditating, causing her to piss on her pussy. Initially surprised, Mini Mitzi enjoys being drenched in her streams. The naughty girls kiss and lick Linda's wet lingerie, causing Mini Mitzi to get soaked in piss showers. They playfully splash each other and lap up their wet mess before exchanging poop between their mouths. The story highlights the playful nature of sex and the potential for sexual pleasure.