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Beth and Loreen

Loreen is about to learn about being a lesbian from Beth. VIPissy is Loreen's first lesbian experience, and we can't wait to show you these two. You can see the makeup smeared all over these two's faces toward the end of the film, they are that hot and steamy! I haven't seen a lesbian pissing video this hot in a long time. Loreen doesn't hesitate to eat her girlfriend's bushy hair. She devours it and begs for more. Beth demonstrates to her how to really savor each other's excrement by letting her body and hair absorb every last drop. Observe them as they sip it from a vase, lick their fingers, and open their mouths wide to allow the stream to come right out of their constricted pussies. They leave no space unattended as they relish the pee soaking together. As Loreen's first lesbian lover shows her all the tricks and uses her tongue to wipe her piss-covered body, you can see the genuine excitement on her face.

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