When cute blonde Vinna's friend Adele arrives and begins to tease her about her attractive pink underwear and beautiful black clothing, Vinna is lounging in the lounge having a great drink. Adele quickly strips down to just her underwear, which she pulls to one side and squirts Vinna with, directing the stream directly into her mouth! Vinna begins to suck Adele's buttocks, and the two of them share a passionate kiss before Adele gets to enjoy having her juicy twat licked as well! Before Adele shoots another stream of her golden urine straight into Vinna's mouth, the two trade places to a 69. Lovely blonde Vinna is sipping a beautiful drink in the lounge when her friend Adele enters and she gets drenched in pee because she is eager to control her! Vinna enjoys using this dildo while Adele jams it into her ass, and they both love the refreshing taste of the pee as they catch another stream into a glass! In order to round off this lustful lesbian shit scene, both females rise up and urinate into the glass once more, with Adele taking a turn with the dildo!

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Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, Amaria, girlfriend of Claudia Macc, spoils her significant other by squirting her golden urine onto her underwear. Claudia teases her and sucks on her, while Amaria squats down and squirts her urine onto her hands and rose. They undress, and Claudia urinates on her red breasts. They share their feces, using a red dildo on each other's pussies. To end their perfect date, they pour their last streams of pee into champagne flutes and toast to piss drinking.